How To Transition Your Hair

Good evening, if you're reading this you are currently on a natural hair journey and are curious on how to do it. Luckily for you I have been transitioning for 3 years, and have acquired some knowledge on how to get those curls back! So lets get started.


1. Quit the Heat

I get so many questions on how I got my curls back. The number one thing I did was stop straightening my hair. It's hard to stop an old habit, but truth is there is no change without change. If you want your curls to come back you need to stop using heat. Trust me I know it's not easy especially when you're not getting results right away, but it's a very important step. 

2To Big Chop or Not

Heat damage cannot be repaired, so you have two choices either do a big chop or cut off the damaged hair gradually. During my journey I opted out of the big chop, because I knew that I wouldn't like it. What I did instead was chop about 3 inches off during the beginning of my transition, and then continue to get trims every other three months to gradually get rid of the damage. You can also go the route of getting a Deva Cut, but they are expensive (worth it), so make sure you are fully committed to not apply heat until your hair is completely back. 

3. Train Your Curls

What if I told you that you can train your hair to curl? It sounds silly, but finger curling your hair can really help during that frustrating period of transitioning. Even for looser types of curls/waves this can be beneficial. 


In the early stages of my curly hair journey it was very frustrating to see my hair with little definition. I discovered Bantu Knots which put me more at ease and decreased the urge of wanting to give up. There are many other hairstyles that can help with that a lot of people wear wigs and protective styles to help with the transition. I strongly encourage doing your research for hairstyles that will help during the process. 

5. Trial and Error

I think that the hardest thing about curly hair is finding the right products for YOUR hair. Curly hair is so unique there are so many forms and textures that it can be hard to find something that works for you. Know your curl type, porosity, and texture this will help so much with finding the right products. Something that works for me might not work for you.

6. Practice Patience

This is coming from one of the most impatient people in this world. It wont be easy and you'll want to give up but I promise it'll be so worth it! I remember watching a video by Sunkissed Alba, and she emphasized on enjoying the journey. This is something I didn't think of, but once I started living by that quote everything was a lot easier. 


SO if you good girls by following these guidelines your curls will be POPPING! The satisfaction of bring your curls back to life, will make you feel like Cardi B after winning that award. Till next time - d