Curl Plateau

Why aren't my curls poppin'

Hey guys! Today we will try to answer this question "why are my curls not poppin' ". I'm sure that every girl transitioning, or active curly girl has asked herself that question. It is so frustrating when you wash our hair, and after its dry we notice that it doesn't look good. There is usually no going back from that. So why does our curls reach that plateau ?

It's scissor time


But don't be afraid you don't have to go crazy Edward Scissorhands on the hair (although he did give a mean hair cut). Sometimes a simple trim can bring back life to the curls. Hair can become dull if you don't give it a trim, so if you notice that the curls aren't poppin' as usual and its been a long time since your last trim consider going Edward Scissorhands Jr on those curls. 

It's time to let go of that routine

The best feeling is when you find the perfect combination of products. Literally no one and nothing can ruin the day of a girl that has found the perfect combination of products for her wash and go (mine is currently the Deva Curl "Coconut styler" with the Ultra Defining Gel). So don't you think I cry real Kim Kardash tears when my hair is just not cooperating, and I know it's time to let go? But overtime hair just like everything else gets tired of a routine, and needs to spice things up. Now this doesn't mean that you can't use that favorite gel or curling cream, try mixing your favorite product with a new one. With time you'll be able to go back to that old routine.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!

Listen life gets tough, and we all get lazy but thou shall not skip on that deep condition. Girlfriend I don't care if you have straight or curly hair we all need moisture on our hair! I've noticed that I get the best and long lasting wash n' go when I deep condition my hair, and when I style my hair while it's sopping wet. My DevaCurl stylist gave me this awesome tip, and it's to only put product on my hair while it very wet. Why? Curly hair needs moisture water is our best friend. So before applying products make sure your hair is wet, and have a spray bottle close by. 

Luckily dull curls have a simple fix, before cursing your hair consider if you've done these three things recently. Your curls might be throwing a tantrum, because it wants a new cream or to let go of that clingy ex boyfriend (split ends). 

Either way be sure that even on the days when your curls aren't poppin' you are still poppin' in my eyes- D