My Natural Hair Story

Hey guys! Hope everyone has been great, I've been pretty absent (haven't done many fashion related stuff, I've actually been lazy). The theme for today's blog is my hair journey, why I started straightening my hair, and what made me go natural.


It started in middle school....

In middle school  majority of the girls had straight silky hair, and bullying was a common occurrence. 

I obviously had curly hair that was usually in braids/twists or what I used to call "octopus braids" (it was terrible guys lol). The kids made fun of my hair, they said it was nappy because I was Dominican, and it was rough. Being young and naive I assimilated because I wanted to be accepted. I began to try to erase any form of my curly, and I met my second comb ; the flat iron. 

From middle school till 2014 I straightened my hair with minor periods of curly hair. It came with a lot of acceptance of my natural self (which wasn't easy), I had some family members that made fun of my hair, and not feeling like myself or beautiful. I felt discouraged so I continued to straighten my hair.

For someone who loves fashion like I do it was hard to translate my personal style with my hair. All of the bloggers I follow and admire have straight hair, so I felt like to be as stylish as them I had to "look the part". Honestly that's one of the reasons why I've stayed away from my blogging.


I can't remember exactly when I decided to stop being a slave of my blow dryer and flat iron, but all I remember is that the journey wasn't easy. Like I had mentioned before I was teased because my hair wasn't as curly, and  it was a wavy mess. 

But I continued the journey, and what kept me going was the awesome girls in my life that were going through the same journey, the girls that I saw on social media embracing their curls, and the compliments people would give me on how nice I looked with my natural. That wasn't something I believed before. I didn't think I was beautiful with my natural hair, but now its part of me. It makes me stand out, and it also has taught me about being patient and trusting the process. 

I wanted to write this blog, because I feel like it can translate to any insecurity that a person may have. I have a lot of younger girls on my Instagram that may be feeling out of place because they do not fit the "beauty standards" that are placed on women nowadays. I also have a lot of girls on my Instagram that are going through a natural hair journey, and I want them to trust and enjoy the journey.

It will be very rewarding to see your curls come back to life and grow. Also for my girls that do not have curly hair, you should still care for your hair. 


I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog about my hair journey.


- D