Low Key Model

Hey guys, it's Darlene with some stuff I wrote. If you are familiar with me on social media, you may notice that I low key model. I get asked all the time "Are you a model?". This usually comes from people that have met me in person before adding me on social media and then they see my photos . It's funny because I feel like I live a double life.

To people at work I'm just a regular girl that takes people's order and carry drinks over, to my family I'm just Darlene, and to people who have me on social media I'm a model. So do I consider myself a model? To be honest no. I know a lot of talented guys and girls that this is their livelihood and want to pursue a career out of it. 

Modeling for me started randomly, so random that I don't even know how it started. I want to say that it started, because of my best friends clothing line(still not sure). I started modeling for her, and I guess by posting those photos it just grew from there. Photographers started to slide through my dm's and  it became something I did for fun.

Modeling became an outlet to something I really have a passion for which is my personal style blog. When photographers contact me to shoot, it gives me the opportunity to get into a creative space and pick out outfits.  

I don't mind being labeled a model, but I personally don't think I'm the greatest at it. This is a hobby for me, but I also wouldn't mind if it became something more than a hobby. 

Aside from getting cool content for my page from shooting, I also find it pretty magical to be part of an artist vision. When a photographer contacts me and ask me if I want to shoot I feel honored. 

Seeing the result is also very satisfying. If only you guys knew what photographers have to do to get that good shot lol. It's so worth it after you see the final product, and to say that I was part of that gives me joy. 

The most rewarding part of my journey so far has been the awesome creators I've met. These are people that I admire, and get super excited when they post behind the scenes on their social medias,because I know they're going to bless my timeline with some fire. 

So will I ever have "model" or "booking info" on my bio? I don't know guys, I just know that for right now I'm having fun with it and creating with talented people.