Shopping Tips

Hey boys and girls I am back to talk about my favorite pastime... SHOPPING! With spring and summer fast approaching I believe it's very appropriate to give you all my all time favorite shopping tips. There is just something so special about buying a new wardrobe item, for me its close to how I feel when I know I'm going to eat pizza from my favorite spot.

Shopping is so much fun, but when shopping we have to be mindful about being responsible. So here are some of my favorite tips for shopping.

1. Look In your Closet

It's important to take a peek at your closet. Since spring/summer is approaching I recommend looking at last years spring and summer wardrobe and making a pile of things that you will/wont use. Sometimes we shop without checking to see if an item that is in our cart is something we already have in our closet. We don't want to over-shop, and also don't want to crowd our closet with items that we wont wear. You can donate, or resell gently used clothing.

2. What Should I Splurge On?

This is something I feel a lot of people struggle with. Items that are splurgeable (it's not a real word I know) are classic items. What I mean by classic, is items that are always on trend. For example a great every day handbag is something that is worth splurging on. An every day handbag is something that will be getting a lot of use, so you want something that will last and still look good. I think bags overall (even if not worn every day) is something that should be from a great brand (doesn't always have to be pricey). So reasonably splurge on handbags, shoes, and timeless clothing items. Don't splurge on a fad!!

3. Sign Up for Online Newsletters

I know getting unwanted emails can be annoying ,but it can also save you a ton of money, and who doesn't want to save money? Stores like Forever 21 and Victoria Secret to name a few give early access to sales to those who are signed up for their newsletters. Early access means that you have a better chance at scoring that cute item before it goes out of stock.

4. Don't be Impulsive

It happens to all of us, we see an item and rush to purchase it and it sits in our closet for eternity (I see you). I like to ask myself these questions before I buy something; Do I need it? Is it practical? Do I really want this? Sometimes we buy things that we don't need, and we end up having a very similar item in our closet. We also fall into buying something that is a fad that we wont want to wear the next season. Sometimes we just buy things we don't really want (I see you too). Make sure that before you purchase that item, each question is answered by an honest "yes".

5. Start ahead of time

It's smart to shop before the season arrives. With experience I've learned that I save a lot more money when I buy items little by little rather spending a big chunk of money at once. So what I usually do is buy 5 (sometimes more) a month, or anytime I see a sale thats worth the spending. 

6. SALE Section

Shopping is fun, but its even more fun when you get a bargain. When I'm able to buy my clothes without breaking the bank I feel even better about the shopping I did. Many people skip out on the sale section (in stores and online), because they feel like they wont get items in season but trust me YOU WILL! When I go online to shop my first stop is the sale section. Just in this upcoming season alone I have spent less than $200 only 15 items including shoes. Buying online also gives you the benefit of buying an item that is not available for the current season, so you may score a unique piece. So don't dismiss the sale and clearance.

7. Not all sales are good sales

Signing up for newsletters is a good thing to, but it can also lure you into giving into sales that are simply not worth the time. So how cab we distinguish a good sale from a meh sale? I look through the sale, and think can I get this item cheaper at another? If the answer is yes, it's not worth it. I'll give you a great example Forever 21 recently had an extra 50% off sale items deal, and I found two pairs of strappy heeled sandals that were coming out to $8 each. Sis! that is a deal I got two pairs of shoes for under $20. I looked at the shoes and asked myself "Would I be able to get these sandals cheaper during another sale?" the answer was no and I'm glad I bought them.

8. Quality of quantity

I am an avid online shopper so I don't do this much, but it's very important to check the quality of the fabric. Sometimes an item is cheap, because it's only made to last two washes. Do you really want to buy and fall in love with an item that may only last you to washes? Under the description it says what fabric is used, so I always use that as a guide and I encourage all of you do that as well.

These are my all time favorite tips for shopping, I hope these serve some purpose for everyone. Thank you for reading, until next time- D