First Fashion Post of the Summer




Hey guys! It's me Darlene again, I have no idea why I wrote it that way but it's always awkward starting off a post (lol). Some of you guys may or may not know, but I low key model. I say low key, because I don't like to label myself as a model (a post on why I don't like to be labeled as a model is in the works) I'm more of what my best friend calls a "fashion enthusiast".

As I mentioned in my recent post I've been in a major fashion/creative rut. It's been super frustrating wanting to create, but I've been lacking so much motivation.  

Luckily I have amazing creatives around me that make me want to create, and this recent shoot that I did with Jonathan Santana was no exception. Jonathan and I have been meaning to shoot for some time now, but either our schedules wouldn't match up or the weather was complete crap. 

 Floral Kimono and Shoes Old Navy

Floral Kimono and Shoes Old Navy

For this shoot we weren't going for a specific look, it was basically whatever I wanted to wear. You guys already know that being in a fashion rut it wasn't an easy task for me. I decided to throw on jeans, bodysuit, and a kimono. 

For this look I wanted the kimono to be the statement, so I didn't want to accessorize and wanted to keep every other aspect of this outfit simple.




As I was walking one day I bumped into the Wood Street Steps, and I knew that I had to do a lookbook or some type of shoot there. The steps are so rustic and the homes around it, are painted a beautiful sandy color. 

These steps are a passageway back in time. William Penn ordered these steps to made, so people can have access to the Philadelphia Waterfront. 

That is what I love about Philadelphia, we are immersed in so much culture in history. 



Forever 21 backless bodysuit

 Jeans H&M

Jeans H&M

When kimonos became a big trend a couple of years ago, I filled my closet with kimonos (huge overkill). I gave myself a break from kimonos, and when I saw this on the Boohoo website I knew I had to have it. I love how versatile kimonos can be, for example this specific kimono can be worn with shorts, pants (as seen on here), dress, or even as cover up for the beach. The possibilities are endless. 

So my advice is to invest in cute kimono for your summer wardrobe. This will not only jazz up any plain outfit, but it'll also push you to play around with layering in the summer.

That is all for today, hope you all enjoyed this fashion post


Photo Credit: Jonathan Santana 

IG: Jonathansantana_